Mountain View Imported Pasture-Grazed Butter

Nestled between the Tasman Sea and the snow-capped Southern Alps of New Zealand, lies the source of Mountain View cream. The family farms that have called these alluvial plains and valleys home for over 150 years continue the dairy tradition passed on through generations.

The Grass-Fed Difference:

Grass-fed butter offers unique characteristics in color, flavor and odor, and composition in comparison to conventional butter.

Research indicates butter from pasture-fed cows have increased levels of Beta-carotene compared to grain-fed cows. The Beta-carotene gives grass-fed butter distinct golden coloring.

Studies show that the perception off-flavor and rancid odor in butter decreases when the amount of grass in the cow’s diet increases due to the composition of the milkfat.

In addition, the fatty acid composition of milk from grass-fed cattle is more beneficial compared to conventional milk. Elevated levels of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass-fed milk are reported to have some benefits on human diet; however, these studies are limited. For additional sources on grass-fed butter, see sources in the footer of the webpage.

Animal Care:

New Zealand dairy farmers who provide milk for this butter follow New Zealand laws regarding animal welfare. Routine veterinary visits and farm assessments help ensure animal health and quality milk.

Pasture-Grazed, Fresh Cream:

The cream used for Mountain View butter is produced by family farms that pasture-graze their dairy cattle on the foothills and valleys of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. These dairy cows have daily access to grass pastures and forage.

Mountain View butter is made from fresh rBST-free pasteurized cream. The New Zealand farmers ensure the milk used for Mountain View butter contains no preservatives, antioxidants or food additives.


Enjoy the taste of Mountain View Butter in these fun and delicious recipes below!

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