Wüthrich rBST-Free 83% European-Style Butter

Wüthrich 83% European-Style Butter Unsalted is the signature product of Grassland.

What is Wüthrich Butter Used For?

The Wüthrich family's century-old recipe makes a rich, creamy butter crafted in the finest European tradition. Wüthrich has the bold aroma and flavor of freshly churned butter.

• Breads

• Compound butters

• Pastries: brioches, croissants,Danishes,tarts

• Sauces

"Wüthrich butter has become the backbone of my viennoiseries. To me it is simply my first choice butter, no doubt about that and absolutely never any compromise."

Nohra Belaid, Owner/Baker

Ines Patisserie, Seattle, WA

Reasons to Use Wüthrich Butter:

With 83% butterfat(compared to domestic butter: 80%), this product is low in moisture, allowing a higher burn point. The high plasticity gives greater lamination and puff for baking.

Wüthrich butter is an award-winning butter, with numerous honors and gold medals in US and World Butter Competitions.


Apple Pie

Squash Linguini

Sugar Cookies

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