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During the 19th century in the Swiss Alps on Mt. Horber, the Wüthrich family ranged a herd of dairy cattle and made cheese. In 1893, Samuel and Katharina Wüthrich immigrated to Wisconsin to pursue the American Dream. With them, they brought the family tradition of cheese making. Samuel and Katharina’s son, John S., worked alongside his father making cheese. In 1904, a group of farmers began a creamery outside of the Greenwood Township. John S. served as the general manager and would make cheese in the morning, picked up cream from his 25 neighbors and hand-churned it into butter during the afternoon. A few years later, John S. took sole ownership to start the John Wuethrich Creamery Company. John S. ran the Creamery until 1948 when he passed away and was succeeded by his sons John D. and Lee Allen. John D. and Lee Allen shared their father’s passion for dairy and continued the legacy by expanding the Creamery for a sustainable future. The tradition continues today with Dallas and his sons, Tayt and Trevor.

"A farmer is always pleased if their children take over the farm, and we feel the same way. Our Family has been in the dairy business for 300 years."

-John D. Wuethrich, 1979

From the Farm to Your Table...
Grassland prides itself on providing quality products to kitchens of all sizes.

"We strive to make the highest quality products availible. We engage with our customers
and develop innovative solutions."

-Trevor Wuethrich, President

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